I believe there is one principle that must underlie all design; have something to say, say it in as few words as possible, then stop talking.

Mi Profile Vector.png

As a UX/UI Designer and vector junky, I approach the designing of a product by relying on my two decades of experience in print design and art direction, aiming to enhance the user satisfaction by bridging the gap between the user and the end product.


I’m also passionate about writing horror and thriller fiction, with two self-published novels under my belt. As both a verbal and visual storyteller, my superpower is the ability to take my client’s vision and translate it into a digital work of art that accurately communicates their story in alignment with the user experience.


My goal is to join a well-established medium to large-sized tech or gaming company in or around Seattle, with a progressive and forward-thinking team that encourages success within its ranks. I want a company that provides a flexible work schedule to accommodate the lives of its employees, and also a place with a strong social and communal environment. As an art director and print designer of 20+ years, I bring to the table a solid foundation of design and communication skills, along with expertise with the industry’s leading design software. My ability to quickly adapt to new situations and eagerness to learn new skills will be a benefit to any UX/UI Design team.