A Case Study

All logos require their own unique approach, but in general, my process is the same. This is the case study of one such process.


The director of Exulans, a consulting solutions service for ocean conservation and compliance, approached me to create a logo for his newly formed business. He already had a basic logo that he’d been using for a short time, but he decided he wanted a re-design of his entire identity system to ensure a sound brand foundation.


During my initial conversation with the client, we discussed numerous concepts that involved water, fish, whales, globes, and even ocean vessels. But in the end, he wanted to stick with an image of a diomedea exulans, otherwise known as a wandering albatross. It was to be illustrated soaring with its wings spread wide, an iconic image that would demonstrate the service’s connection to all the world’s oceans as well as its commitment to “excellence”.


The first thing I did was research different avian-based icons; some of them official logos, others simply stock art. I presented these to my client to get a measure for his preferred style. He liked the idea of a pen-and-ink illustration, but he also liked the more minimalistic icons.

From there I did a few rough sketches, giving him an indication of an illustrative style, as well as basic silhouettes.

The client was intrigued by the nature of a traditional illustration, but when he presented my rough sketches to his fellow stakeholders, they decided that a far more simple and minimalistic icon would be a better approach for their brand.

We went through a handful of digital iterations; I even experimented with the idea of turning the albatross into the "X" in Exulans, though that ended up feeling too forced.

Exulans Logo.png

Once the final logo was chosen, I assisted the client in selecting the color palette for the logo. We agreed that this aqua/teal combination would best represent the natural fishing lanes of the world that the client's service is fighting to protect and preserve.