This is a series of mockups that I did for Citypages, an alternative newspaper serving the Minneapolis–St. Paul metropolitan area featuring news, film, theatre and restaurant reviews, and music critiques. I created these as a means to showcase my digital vector illustration skills. That said, Citypages--you know where to find me. ;)

Mi CityPages 2019-0005.png
Mi CityPages 2019-0004.png
Mi CityPages 2019-0003.png
Mi CityPages 2019-0006.png
Mi CityPages 2019-0002.png



Payment Alliance International is an ATM portfolio management company. They requested an illustrated ad to be placed in an industry publication communicating a service affording their clients the ability to remotely manage their ATMs via a new proprietary smartphone app.


The client provided a very dated and poorly illustrated graphic via fax, and requested a significant update to the design while maintaining all of the general content.


Landmark Worldwide requested a series of location-based illustrations to accompany their targetd websites. They discovered this retro-modern style of mine via a vector illustration that I license through iStockPhoto/Getty Images as royalty-free stock art. I began with rough sketches, which, once approved, I then translated into digital mock-ups.


Landmark Worldwide requested an illustration to accompany an article about communication; it dealt with overcoming anxiety while engaging in a healthy and productive conversation. The rough sketch went through numerous iterations; it began with a classic portrayal of the Queen of Hearts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis C. Carroll, with the Queen appearing quite livid and Alice responding with fear and trepidation. However, as the article was intended to teach the reader how to overcome communication-based anxiety, the final iteration showed a genial Queen having a pleasant chat with a happy and receptive Alice. This illustration was well received by the stakeholders and proved to solidify my services as their go-to independent designer.

Visit my stock-art portfolio to see even more of my vector work!