The objective was to create a series of designs for imprinted apparel and assorted collateral for Jostens' annual spirit wear campaign that stays on-trend in the ever-evolving teenage and young adult fashion market.

User Personas

I partnered with the project manager from Jostens to study fashion trends and translate concepts into a visual direction that would be presented to a focus group as arranged by Jostens. The first step was to get to know and understand the users within the focus group: Juniors and Seniors in high school; athletes, bookworms, and social butterflies; trendsetters looking to show their school pride through spirit-wearables and associated gear.


The Athlete

An athlete in every season, eager to express her school pride through her spirit-wear

Persona_Student Body President.png

The Academic

Always with his nose in the books, prefers the traditional collegiate look to modern trends


Student Body President

Highly involved, social, and very outgoing, acts as a spokesperson for marketing the new wears to her peers

User Research

With the target audience in mind, we set about interviewing students, ranging in age from early high school to early college. These test subjects consisted of children of co-workers, as well as our own relatives (cousins, nephews, and nieces). On average, we'd interview 6 to 10 students per school year (intentionally keeping this early sample small), then review and compare the results.

The questions were simple:

  • Where do you shop (both online and brick-and-mortar)?

  • What specific brands do you prefer?

  • What current fashion trends are you drawn to?

Visual Direction

Based on the results of the user interviews and my own online research, I collected a series of images of graphic tees that matched the look and feel of the current trends. Jostens then presented this to their first-round focus group for feedback.

Jostens Visual Direction.png

Design Process & Ideation

I led my Art Department of four designers in creating concept proofs based on the feedback from the focus groups. We began with rough sketches presented to the stakeholders at Jostens for approval before moving on to digital concepts.

From there I presented the proofs back to the stakeholders, and through the ideation process, was able to narrow the concepts down to between 9 and 12 designs that could then be applied to various imprinted apparel and merchandise.